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What is a Plug/Ellepot? Good question! It is a small pod of our soilless mix that a plant cutting is placed in to grow roots. Ellepots are among the leading technologies available to growers for use in rooting cuttings. First developed in Europe, they have made their way to North America. Ellepots offer superior rooting and faster transplanting capabilities to any grower who uses them. A thin bio-degrading paper wraps around the plug of soil mix. There are no chemicals involved. This paper plug allows air to reach the sides of the plug. This promotes better root growth and faster rooting plants since the plug is no longer sitting in water as well. Typical results are 1/2 to 1 week faster rooting of crops. Trays root more uniformly, reducing pop-over for shipping. We offer two tray sizes pre-filled with Ellepots. Sizes available are: 2 x 51 tray (102 count) w/ 25mm. Ellepots, and a larger 50 count tray w/ 40mm. Ellepots are shipped ready to use, just wet them down and stick your cuttings.

How To Use

Once it has grown many roots it is ready to be planted into any size container. To figure out how many you need – Decide on your container, type of flower, and the look your going for. Is this a hanging basket or a deck planter? Do you want any trailers? These have to be figured in. Now, for plants not including dahlias or wave petunias, this is what you do. Measure the size of your container. 10” hanging baskets get 5 plants. 1 plant for every 2 inches is the standard rule. 12” hanging baskets get 6 plants. Again 1 plant for every 2 inches. This is true for all round pots. I have yet to have this not work. Window boxes and similar sized containers; 1 plant for every 3 inches. If you are using wave petunias or dahlias you can use 2 plants in a 10” or 3 in a 12”. This is not including trailers, just the waves or dahlias. Please let us know if you need help! We love to put together combinations and make mixed planters!

Begonia Liners

We start our Begonias from seed. They are available to wholesalers as liners, pre-finished and finished plants. The liners are planted in 84 count plug trays. Varieties grown are; Non-Stops, Non-Stop Mocca, Pin-Up, Fortune, Illumination, Dragonwing and BIG series. We also root and grow Rieger Begonias as well. These are available in 50 cell trays as liners and as pre-finished and finished pot crops and hangers.


Heirloom varieties have become popular and an extensive variety of tomatoes are now being grown. Currently, we are growing 13 vegetable types with 41 varieties available. All vegetables are grown in our 3.5" Gardener's Own recyclable pots. Availability is April through June. All products are grown from seed.

Accent Liners

These are specialty annuals. Our list of available plants has more than doubled this year to over 500 varieties! This is due to our partnership with Richard D. Smith Co. We are a rooting station for them. A majority of the plants listed are from HMA. This has greatly increased our ability to bring new and unique plants to our customers. We also finish a great deal of these plants for our own retail store.

Gardener's Own Winter Pansy

The Weber family has been growing pansies for generations. No one else can offer the quality of plants or the expertise to the market. Pansies are naturally biennial. This means that they have a two year life cycle. Pansies love cool weather. They thrive in it. The challenge for most growers has been how to properly start the pansy seed and manage the tender seedlings in the heat of late summer. Through our long experience, we have learned how to treat the young pansies and grow them on until the weather cools. By starting them this way, the pansy goes through its natural life cycle. The plants have beautiful flowers in the fall and early winter, but because the freezing temperatures of winter come before the pansy has had a chance to reproduce, the pansy is still alive in the spring and is in bloom before some of the early spring bulbs. Gardener's Own Winter Pansies are available for sale in mid to late August. They can be planted in the ground up to the first major snowfall. They are available in a wide range of sizes from our 4.3" pots to 10" bowls, 14" bowls, 16" oval planters, 12" planters, window boxes and 8 qt. handle baskets.

MiniaturesThe World of Miniatures

Fairies, Angels, Princesses, Babies Dressed as Lady Bugs, Vikings, Sprites, Gnomes, Wizards, Dragons and so many more!

Let your imagination loose! Once you enter the miniature world, you can create a dish garden fit for the Queen of Hearts. Even enrich your landscape by tucking in a playful butterfly fairy, having picnics with animal friends under your favorite lilac, or dragons and knights can battle in the heat near your sedum. Anything is truly possible, and remember, it all fits into our Buffalo Style gardening!